Car Design and Car Engineering Design (R)

Out products involve car design and car engineering design. Here is brief explanation about the design of car and car engineering we develop.

Transportation system is very important to make people easier in moving from one to other places. Such a system consists of water, land, and air transportation. Automotive is a part of land transportation system. Talking about automotive industry, we will directly think about cars and motorcycles because those are the kinds of transportation we are very familiar with. Thus, we has decided to specifically focus on car.

We may have often heard the terms “car design” and “car engineering design.” In general, the two terms have similar meaning; the two refers to something we produce. However, in particular, they are different. “Car design” is a design with direct relation to users, while “car engineering design” is a design that is not directly related to users. They are dissimilar; however, they are mutually completing and have similar processes in their production. Therefore, we decide to make the two types of designs.

Car design can be creative from to time. Car design always has different shapes from the existing one. The difference of shape is one creative element of design. Other creative element of design has to do with the differences in function, component structure, and procedure. Likewise, the car design we develop.

In car engineering design, a design can be creative or mathematical in nature. The creative car engineering design is design with some differences in functions, shapes, component structures, and also procedure, compared to other designs. Mathematical car engineering design is the car engineering design with differences in performance and also dimension of components, where on one or more of functions, shapes, component structures, and procedure, are similar to other designs. Between the two, we more focus on creative car engineering design. In creative car engineering design, as previously mentioned, we make some modifications on functions, shapes, component structures, and procedure. However, in making the differences, we have to include mathematical process in determining the performance and also the component dimension. Nevertheless, we put our focus more on creative processes; mathematical processes are on the customers’ hands.

A car is a system. It consists of many sub-systems. Here, we are focusing more on the sub-systems with different functions, shapes, component structures and procedure compared to available design.