How to Make Car Design and Car Engineering Design (R)

How to make car design and car engineering design? Designing has same principles, i.e. sensing something related to objects we are going to design, to think about the best design and to express the result of thinking. It can be done both through methodical and non-methodical ways. Those differentiating between designing a certain object and other is on the object as such, designer’s way of thinking and limited capability of designer. Here, we are trying to explain the process of designing car and designing car engineering.

Sensing is a process of inputting information into human. The main senses used in designing involve sight and hearing. Those necessary in the senses related to car design and car engineering design consist of human needs, basics of car science, production process, maintenance, available designs and recent development on car. All of these can be directly sensitized through one or more senses from other persons or using printed media, information technology, formal education and direct to the objects.

Thinking on how to make the best design involve to think with one or some characters of the brain. Imaginative, realistic, immethodical, methodical, intuitive, logical, creative, mathematical, holistic, detail, pictures, words, memorial and under-conscious thinking are some of the thinking patterns human have. All of them are regularly or irregularly done based on people’s needs. Through thinking as based on aforementioned ways, an idea may come unintentionally. There will be many ideas that may rise; however, not all of them are consistent to the needs. We may choose the best ideas to develop as the basic of our design.

Expressing a design that comes up in our mind serve dual functions. Firstly, it help us to think and also to deliver our ideas to others concerned. Designer may express ideas in terms of words, pictures, models and also prototypes.